Sycamore Springs



Attention homeowners:

We have recently been notified of incidents of egging vehicles in our neighborhood. We hope the perpetrator(s) are not from our community,

but please talk to your children about the damage egg can have on vehicles and houses. If there are further incidents, we will need to ask the police to get involved.


The Sycamore Springs HOA



WE NEED YOU!  Please contact a board member if interested

in helping with a Social, Welcoming, or Safety committee.


Hello Sycamore Springs Residents:
The annual dues for 2019 is $150.00. Please contact a board member if you wish to receive an electronic copy of this information.

Please make checks payable to:

Sycamore Springs HOA
P.O. Box 186
Springboro, Ohio 45066

Please remember that you are responsible for maintaining a working driveway light.
Please be considerate to our community and clean up after your pets!
For the safety of those in our community, please adhere to the 25MPH speed limit at all times!

Thank You!


Residents please share your email address with us!
All contact information provide will remain confidential and not be shared with another party outside the SSHOA.

There is a new forum page linked at the bottom. You should be able to register and create new posts.


Follow the links below to view some of the community information.  Post your
questions and/or comments on the forum page.

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